If you are arriving in Krakow by car, be careful to plan ahead where you intend to park it. Finding parking in Krakow is not easy as the city centre can by busy and there are many one way streets and zones.

Below is a map of the main car parks in Krakow, some of which are secure. Cost of parking ranges on average from approximately 4 to 5 pln per hour or 40 to 50 pln per 24 hours depending on how centrally you wish to park.
Parking Zones in Krakow

Zone A
Inside of the Planty (park around old city walls) - Pedestrians and bicycles only.

Zone B
Also mainly inside of Planty. You need a permit to go here. Pedestrians have right of way, limited parking, speed limit 20 km/hr.

Zone C
City centre area outside of Planty. This is the easiest region in which to park with more parking lots and easier access.

If you wish to park on the street, you will require a voucher (obtainable from either kiosks or parking attendants on street 3pln/hr) between 9.am to 6.pm, Monday to Friday. Parking time is limited to 2 hours, although 2 vouchers can be used to extend parking time. Evenings and weekends are free.